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website design / Dan Goldberg

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Dan Goldberg is an award-winning commercial photographer specializing in food and still life photography. Dan has been consistently inspired by the simplicity and beauty in everyday objects. He strives to incorporate classic composition with contemporary lighting techniques, to capture their unique qualities.

challenge: Dan’s passion for people, food, and travel is evident in his work but was not immediately evident on his website. He created a journal with different stories of food and travel, and wanted to restructure the site to reflect this organizing principle.

process: The architecture was set-up to let visitors vertically wander down through each culinary story, changing between stories using a subtle drop-down menu from the top navigation bar.


strategy: The site needs to highlight Dan’s passion for food – not just his talent as a photographer. At a young age, he worked for his mom in her chocolate shop and later became a line cook and sous chef to help pay his way through art school. Each story was staggered photographs, quotes, and stippled illustrations to call out moments and details in his photography inspired by his unique viewpoint.





Sticky Fingers


client: Dan Goldberg

team: Beth May, Unicyle Studios

role: Site architectre, user experience design